Denying Racism Is the New Racism

Have you ever wondered why it’s difficult for most white people in the United States to affirm that racism exists? Well, it’s because the white community is seldom on the receiving end of racist activities and as such, they never get to experience it first hand. One of the important lessons taught to us by capitalism is the notion that “it’s not my business unless it affects me directly.” This is exactly the reason why denying racism is the new racism. Let’s take a detailed look at these issues through a nonpartisan lens.

1. America’s Deadly Denial of Racism
I call it deadly because this form of racism is slithery and venomous, but so subtle you will hardly notice. It’s the same as standing still and watching a fellow innocent American being beaten to death and doing nothing. It takes the silence of good people for evil to reign. In essence, if you are sitting in a restaurant and the waiters treat you better than the African American couple in the table across you should speak up or you are much a racist as the Ku Klux Klan.

2. Denial of White Privilege
You only need to look at economic demographics to understand that racism actually exists. Whites are at the top of the pecking order and share a huge amount of the national cake. White privilege is especially rampant in the job market and academia. You will hear a number of excuses but the underlying cause is actually race.

3. Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism
The American society is wired in such a way that people don’t like to meddle in the affairs of others. Whites have developed a tough skin towards racial issues and will immediately switch to defense mode the moment you mention racism. To them, the vice is considered as a problem of the “others” and therefore none of their business. However, a strong stance should be adopted because of the fact that denying racism is the new racism.

4. Why do many white people pretend racism does not exist?
The answer is easy and direct. It is simply because they are seldom on the receiving end. They have lived in a society that economically, socially, and politically favorable to whites. Therefore, most will consider it an advantage rather than a vice. For instance, who would complain just because they were hired based on their race? Rather than support it openly, most whites choose to pretend that it doesn’t exist just to maintain the status quo.

Denying racism is the new racism because it equals turning a blind eye on a vice that actually exists. Due to the fear and negative publicity associated with supporting racism, most white Americans choose to deny it’s existence.

Spirit Of Safari

What connotation does the word Safari” have for you?

For some it involves trekking through scrub bush, being at one with nature, getting up close to the animals (hopefully downwind) and the thrill of knowing that at any moment they could come across something wild and distinctly animal. This would probably appeal to outdoorsy adventurous types. Or those who consider themselves outdoorsy adventurous types. Or those who have never been outdoorsy and adventurous in their entire sedentary lives but who now feel the need for an outdoorsy adventurous experience.

What could be more envigourating and empowering than trekking lions and elephants, animals far mightier and more dangerous than us? The adrenaline rush when the guide suddenly beckons you to be quiet, to duck down and to follow her slowly, would be heady enough to rocket you to the sky. You probably wouldn’t even feel your feet move as you tiptoed forward and stopped as your eyes followed her finger to the pride of lions drinking from the muddy pool. The awe you would feel as you watched them drink side by side with some giraffe, too full to show any interest in them having just eaten their fill of springbuck, would probably be indescribable and be burned into your soul forever.

For the very hardcore adventurous types there is safari camping. This involves actually camping in a game park over night, or over several nights. You are not the only one if you think that this sounds a little dangerous. Nor are you the only one if the thought of sleeping in a flimsy tent and sleeping bag while nocturnal predators roam makes you a little uncomfortable. Sleep in such circumstance might in fact be hard to come by. Presumably that all adds to the thrill. Some people actually thrive on it, are totally comfortable with it and can sleep with a rhino taking a leak right next to them. Power to them. Its total environment envelopment, completely letting go of your city life and embracing nature in its rawest form. Again, it appeals to some. It appeals to rather a lot actually.

For the softer, more delicate types, for those who do not like hoofing it through scrub grass and sweating through their khakis, there are alternative options that are no less fulfilling or awe inspiring. Luxury safaris. Now what could be better than that? In touch with nature, up close and personal with large and wild animals and best of all, flushing toilets, 2-ply loo paper and hot water available whenever necessary. It’s like a little piece of heaven.

You get to travel in comfortable rough terrain vehicles. Ok rough terrain vehicles are not exactly the most comfortable in the world but these are as comfortable as you can get them and some are air-conditioned. Now that is cool. You cover more ground so your chance of seeing more animals is increased. You may get out of the vehicle at your guide’s discretion, so you can still get that thrill of sneaking up on some unsuspecting elephants scratching themselves on tree trunks, or a mother rhino suckling her baby, just watch out for daddy, he’s protective and is deceptively fast. Then just as you begin to get uncomfortable in the heat or cold, its back to the bus and off you go again.

If it’s a really good luxury safari, they pack a good lunch and provide something to soothe your parched throat in the form of good wine. If it’s only a good luxury safari they’ll make you wait until you get back to the lodge and/or chalets before cooking up an excellent 3-course meal with before the mentioned wines and maybe some beer for those whose tastes run that way. Meals are usually outdoors so that you can get the most out of your nature experience.

Now let your imagination run riot with a big crackling fire, too many stars to count and so bright that you can almost see by them. Relax with your glass of wine or beer, or soft drink if alcohol is not your style, we like teetotalers too, and listen to the noises that the animals make. They are scary at first, especially when it sounds like they’re coming closer and closer and they could be a little on the hungry side. But the guide explains that they don’t like the fire and so keep their distance (secretly you wonder what happens when the fire goes out and you’re in your bed, but you try to push that out of your mind) and that the noises that they make are just their way of communicating with each other. So you relax a bit more and commune with nature some more, and look forward to your bath that opens out onto a deck with a view across the park and to the chocolates that are on your pillow. This is a safari the luxury way.